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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

The Power of Education

A scientist, Aristoteles said that the society improvement can only be done by education. It can improve and change the human life from poverty and foolishness. Even, United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said that if we want to improve and raise the condition of the nation, it should be started it from the education, because it is the key to get civilization development. 

UNESCO explain it in some words, they are: 1.Learning how to think, it means that how people use their mind for the good one. 2.Learning how to do, it means that how people implement their activity well. 3.Learning hoe to use, it means that how people be useful for others. 4.Learning how to learn, it means that how people understand. 5.Learning how to live together, it means that how people socialize. Many people still do not know why they should get education, but actually the answer is simple “education is a key to get success.”

As young generation (pioneer), the students should have spirit, effort to study and work hard in getting education. As the proverb says, “Long Life education.” It means that studying is unlimited. It can change the character, attitude and future. 

The students should not spend time or energy for the useless one but must be seriously in studying, although the students should spend a lot of money. 

Finally, I would like to suggest that we should always study, wherever, whenever and what ever your condition is. Reach your future with education and keep your spirit.

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